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Reusable Cannulated Obturator

for EntreVu EX Instrument Cannula

Designed specially for use with the EntreVu EX instrument cannula, the reusable cannulated obturator integrates easily with it to provide an easy-to-use cannula driver system.

  • Constructed of durable stainless steel.
  • 4mm ID, 114mm working length, 190mm overall length.
  • Ergonomic handle provides superior grip and control.
  • Compatible with most common 4mm (nominal diameter) and smaller Wissinger rods and switching sticks.

The Reusable Cannulated Obturator Provides an Easy-to-Use Cannula Driver System for the EntreVu Instrument Cannula

The integration with the knurled proximal cap of the EntreVu cannula ensures positive control.

EntreVu's Anti-Extravasation and Fluid Outflow Capabilities

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  • EntreVu EX. In addition to offering all the functionality of a conventional instrument cannula, it also provides anti-extravasation capabilities.
Order Information
Reusable Cannulated Obturator
(for use with EntreVu instrument cannula w/ 8.25mm ID)
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