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Easy-to-Use Flexible Elastomer Port for
Shoulder and Hip Arthroscopy

Conventional cannulas can be easy to use but limit instrument mobility. Rubbery ports can provide mobility but can be hard to use. The latest in Cannuflow's rich pipeline of innovative fluid management devices, SportPort™ is the first and only elastomer port to combine high instrument mobility with ease of use of a conventional smooth cannula with standard fluid management options.

  • Easy to use.
  • Switching stick compatible.
  • Full fluid management.
  • Easily passes curved instruments.

Other features include:

  • Patent-pending DistralDrive™ insertion system.
  • Fluid tight seal around instruments
    to prevent squirting

Other rubber cannula ports require deviating from portal placement techniques surgeons already use. SportPort inserts just like a standard smooth cannula.

The patent-pending DistralDrive system makes SportPort as easy and intuitve to place as a conventional rigid cannula and it is compatible with switching stick "railroading" techniques favored by many surgeons. It also features an inflow/outflow side port lacking in other rubber designs.

SportPort's DistalDrive System

SportPort's superior flexbility

SportPort is made of soft rubber that allows superior instrument mobility in the shoulder compared with conventional rigid cannulas.

It also is specially designed to form a fluid tight seal around instruments to prevent squirting.

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  • TwoVu EX. Adds anti-extravasation capabilities to the TwoVu's coaxial outflow capabilities.
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To place your order or to obtain the contact information for your local Cannuflow sales representative, call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-866-484-5400.

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