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Cannuflow designs and manufactures innovative surgical fluid management devices that deliver superior performance, greater safety, and unique technology to arthroscopists worldwide. Each of these proprietary products provides a solution to one or more chronic problems faced by surgeons performing knee, shoulder or hip arthroscopy.

ClearVu 2.7 Flexible Outflow-Inflow Cannula

ClearVu 2.7 Flexible Inflow-Outflow CannulaClearVu TutorialConventional three-portal knee surgeries utilize a dedicated fluid cannula inserted above the patella into the joint space via a "third portal" incision. This technique offers continuous fluid inflow/outflow and optimal visual clarity.

The use of metal cannulae demands special care to prevent articular cartilage injury, including repositioning of the device whenever the knee is articulated during surgery to prevent clogging. Metal cannulae are considered the primary source of "third portal" pain.

The patented ClearVu cannula, constructed of flexible plastic, flexes to follow the inner contours of the knee. Its unique "progressive" flexibility provides rigidity at the proximal end for control, and a safer, softer fenestrated distal tip that never clogs or scores.

TwoVu ST Outflow Scope Sheath

TwoVu ST Scope SheathTwoVu TutorialMade of a soft polymer, the patented TwoVu sheathe slips easily over the arthroscope's own sheath to create a second channel to establish continuous flow of irrigation fluid, providing optimal visual clarity and improved efficiency during percutaneous shoulder and hip and two-portal knee arthroscopies. This eliminates having to switch from inflow to outflow on the scope to regain image clarity and remove debris. Providing continuous fluid flow also reduces the potential for damaging fluid flow build-up in the joint when using RF ablation devices.

With knee arthroscopy, TwoVu eliminates the need for a third portal ... as well as the post-operative pain typically associated with it. TwoVu is available in sizes to fit nearly all scopes commonly used for knee, shoulder and hip arthroscopy.

EntreVu EX Instrument Cannula (with anti-extravsation technology)

EntreVu Anti-Extravasation Instrument CannulaEntreVu EX TutorialIn addition to providing all the functions of a conventional instrument cannula, the EntreVu EX (short for "Extravastat") cannula also actively drains extravasating interstitial fluid, minimizing the amount of interstitial swelling during shoulder and hip arthroscopy.

The escape of pressurized irrigation fluid into the interstitial tissues of the shoulder or hip is the cause of extravasation. If left uncontrolled, extravasation can interfere with the surgery and influence the choice of technique and equipment, sometimes forcing the surgeon to switch to an open procedure. Fluid extravasation during shoulder and hip arthroscopy must be monitored closely.

EntreVu's ability to efficiently and continuously drain extravasating fluids is thanks to the patented Extravastat technology incorporated into the cannula. EntreVu is also a superior portal and provides other excellent fluid management capabilities.

TwoVu EX Outflow Scope Sheath (with anti-extravasation technology)

TwoVu EX TutorialOptimized for the special needs of shoulder and hip arthroscopy, the TwoVu EX (short for "Extravastat") provides both a continuous fluid irrigation channel and an anti-extravasation channel for draining interstitial fluids. Made of a soft polymer, this versatile scope sheath is especially practical whenever a percutaneous approach is utilized and is frequently used with one or more EntreVu EX instrument cannulas to provide maximum anti-extravasation capabilities.


SportPort Flexible Port (for Shoulder and Hip Arthroscopy)

SportPortTwoVu EX TutorialSportPort is the first and only elastomer port to combine high instrument mobility with the ease of use of a conventional smooth cannula with standard fluid management options. In addition to being designed to easily pass curved instruments, its patent-pending DistalDrive insertion system makes SportPort as easy and intuitve to place as a conventional rigid cannula and it is compatible with switching stick "railroading" techniques favored by many surgeons. It also features an inflow/outflow side port lacking in other rubber designs.


ExtravaStopper Anti-Extravasation Portal Plug

EntreVu Anti-Extravasation Instrument CannulaTwoVu EX TutorialIn addition to preventing fluid loss from abandoned portals, ExtravaStopper is the first portal plug to also control fluid extravasation, even in problem areas like the anterior portal. Its innovative Extravastat technology enables it to reduce fluid extravasation by continuously draining interstitial fluids, visibly reducing swelling of soft tissues.

Simply load this easy-to-use device onto a 4mm blunt switching stick to quickly insert it into a portal, then connect it to ordinary suction (e.g., to a bucket or Stryker Neptune or similar collection receptacle).

What's more, ExtravaStopper keeps fluid in the joint and off the OR floor, meaning less mess and fuss and quicker cleanup.

DryVu Fluid Shield

DryVu Fluid ShieldEscaping irrigation fluids that enter the camera/scope junction will quickly fog the lens, forcing the surgeon to halt the procedure to clean the equipment. The patented DryVu "fluid shield" diverts fluids away from the camera. Designed to fit all brands and models of arthroscopes, this device is both efficient and inexpensive.



Reusable Cannulated Obturator

The reusable cannulated obturator was designed specially for use with the EntreVu EX instrument cannula to provide an easy-to-use "driver" system for it. Made of durable stainless steel, its ergonomic handle provides superior grip and control. The obturator is compatible with most common 4mm (nominal diameter) and smaller Wissinger rods and switching sticks.



SQUID 3-into-1 Suction Adapter

The Quid 3-into-1 fluid collector lets you quickly connect multiple suction devices with from within the sterile field to reduce suction lines over the patient. Also eliminates need to constantly disconnect and switch RF, shaver or Extravastat devices. Easy pinch-clamp control. Perfect for central waste collection systems.




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