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EntreVu EX

EntreVu EX TutorialAnti-Extravasation Instrument Cannula for Shoulder & Hip Arthroscopy

A remarkable breakthrough in instrument cannula design, EntreVu™ makes interstitial swelling during shoulder and hip arthroscopy a thing of the past. The patent-pending Extravastat (EX) anti-extravasation technology incorporated into the cannula reduces interstitial swelling at its source, the portal/tissue interface, while also offering all the other functionality of a conventional instrument cannula.

  • Delivers continuous interstitial fluid removal, visibly reducing swelling of soft tissues.
  • Ensures tissue quality is maintained by preventing interstitial fluid saturation.
  • Provides greater pressure control inside the joint throughout the procedure.
  • Secure positioning with threaded design so the cannula resists pulling out.
  • Incorporates easily into a surgeon's existing technique and is compatible with currently used equipment.
  • Proximal seal design prevents fluid squirting during surgery.
  • Ergonomic obturator provides improved grip and control.
  • Cannulated obturator also available.

Click here to view some video animations illustrating how conventional cannulas can cause fluid extravasation, resulting in significant shoulder swelling, and how EntreVu wicks away that extravasated fluid, reducing the swelling.

EntreVu Visibly Reduces Interstitial Swelling

Powerful in its simplicity of operation, EntreVu is a cannula within a cannula. Together, its many unique design features make even the most difficult shoulder procedures easier and faster. No more watching the clock to ensure completing the procedure before shoulder swelling forces you to move to an open procedure.

Read Recently Published Study on EntreVu

Click here to read the recently published study by Loma Linda University Medical Center on the efficacy of EntreVu. The study shows that EntreVu is effective in reducing and managing extravasated fluid during shoulder arthroscopy.



"I use the EntreVu 8.25 mm cannula in every shoulder arthroscopy in my anterior portal (lateral position). Its size allows facile use for all instruments, but more importantly, its double barrel design works to almost eliminate subcutaneous swelling, particularly in patients with looser skin, like women. I see significant reduction in anterior shoulder and neck swelling, which also reduces post-op pain. It has eliminated my concerns about airway compromise after shoulder arthroscopy."

Juliet M. DeCampos, MD
Attending at the Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Fellowship,
Gulf Breeze, Florida

Medical Director, Blue Wahoos Professional Baseball
Associate Master Instructor, shoulder arthroscopy, AANA

"I have switched to using the EntreVu for my shoulder arthroscopies because there is significantly less swelling. I am also convinced that there is less pain and more rapid, and more painless, healing. Since swelling is the enemy of healing, I will do anything to prevent it."

Alan W. Wolf, MD
Providence Hospital
Kodiak, Alaska

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  • Reusable Cannulated Obturator. Integrates easily with the EntreVu EX instrument cannulas to provide an easy-to-use cannula driver system.
  • TwoVu ST. An outflow sheath, it provides continuous fluid outflow for two-portal arthroscopic knee and percutaneous shoulder procedures.
  • TwoVu EX. A Combination out-flow and anti-extravasation sheath for shoulder and hip arthroscopy.
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